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Ismail BeyGutgashinli is one of the pioneers of modern prose and storyof the genre in the Azerbaijani literature. Gutgashinli brought the first work of prose in realistic literature the story of ” Rashidbey and Saadatxanum” and the set of great geographical importance of travel sketches ” Safarname “.
Besides there was another work of Gutgashinli” Tutu “. However, this work lost and did not reach the present day.

Salman Mumtazwho give the first information about Mr. Ismail, wrote about him: “… This beloved person having authority in respect of emergency in his own time, have a story in Turkish non-print and in French about our life.
General AliagaShikhlinski writes in his memory that he heard about the famous poet IsmayilBey from his brother MahammadaghaSıxlınski while he was in Bum and Gutgashyn villages. Ismail Bey wrote poems under the pseudonym “Miskin” . His name was taken for the first time in the literature source, in Hussein Qaibzadeh’s “magazine famous for the shueraninesharina in Azerbaijan”. In this magazine applied problems associated with theGasimbeyZakir and his nephew Ismail Beyin the item of “Madad”.
“Our first writer who wrote the story in European method and influence is Ismail Bey,…and the first story is “Rashid bey and Ms. Saadet “».

“Rashid bey and Mrs. Saadat”

This is the first long story, written in French prose fiction. Lady Saadatfrom Gabala Khanates, Rashid’s lovefrom ShekiKhanates , mentioned the Azerbaijan’s realities for the same period, at the end of the bookhas M.F.Akhundzadeh autograph which is kept in the Institute of Manuscripts of the National Academy of Sciences. Akhundzade wrote in Russian the following sentence: “My soul is so ardent that, it could neither hide his joy, nor his grief. Therefore, I cannot tell you about my today’s joy. My delight reason in that,there is not the slightest doubt about the time I started to reach the end. Today, I can convince you completely that it is closer to the realization of desires. I keep a proper chance in future to explain.”
March 15, 1846. MirzaFatali”.

Manuscript for the first time at the end of a long work received Salman Mumtaz. Salman Mumtaz in his own article, wrote about how to fall the book’s trace, finally after many years achieved in 1922 by Hassan Khan Usmiyev. Salman Mumtaz borrowed HassanKhan’s book to translate it to 2-3 months, but infecting to bulk of the bedridden diseases, he returned deposit and said would ask again. However, Salman Mumtaz’s disease lasted for 6 months, in this process, Hassan Khan died in Vladikavkaz, and lost track of the work. In 1932 Salman Mumtaz was appointed as researcher at the Azerbaijan State Museum, fortunately known that, Hassan Khan sold book with other books to the museum.

For the first time the work has been translated bySelimBeyBekhbudov, however it keep considered to be published inAzerneshr, but it didn’t take place. In 1937, after the arrest of Salman Mumtazthe work was forgotten, again two years later in 1939,published in the “Journal of Literature” in Turkish language. For the first timewas published in book form in 1956. Salman Mumtaz , also has found owned by Ismail Bey’s work “Tutu “, however, after the sending into exile his library was destroyed and did not reach for us.

” Safarname ”

In 1852, Ismail Bey with Lady Bike , aunt Sure , Mirza Haji Ali and with others left for Hajj. In “Travel notes” and “Safarname” Ismail Bey told about the places where he went .

A copy of “Safarname” was found in Shikh Baba’ shrine, that copy copied friend of Ismail BeyHaci Ali the time when many books were destroyed , for protection the work was hidden in the people’s belief sanctuary. At present 126 pages arefound .