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ib-300x291Ismail Bey Gutgashenli born January 27, 1809 in the family of the Sultan Nasrallah ruler Nuh land . As a child, received the Science and religious education . In 1818 sent to Russia to study at the military academies . With Ensign rises to the rank of Major General , one of the first Azerbaijanis who was awarded the Order of St. George 4th degree . He is the first representative of modern prose literature in Azerbaijan with the product “Rashid bey and Saadat Aliyeva “. ” Safarname ” gave valuable information to the geography of Azerbaijan. Directly contributed to the education and training of people. Also known as a philanthropist.

Medals and Honors

  • 30s of the XIX century
    Order of the Sacred George 4-th degree
    Was awarded for bravery and service in the army. Gutgashenly is one of the first to be awarded this medal Azerbaijani commanders.
  • 30 years of the XXI century
    Order of St. Stanislaus
    Was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus for bravery in the army
  • 1928-1929
    Order of St. Anne 4th t third degree
    January 25, 1828 was awarded the Order of St. Anne 4th degree for his courage in the Russian-Persian war in 1829 military rank of lieutenant and the Order of St. Anne 3rd degree for excellence in service.
  • January 25, 1928
    Order of the "Lion and the Sun" 3rd degree
    In 1828 "was awarded with the" Lion and Sun "third degree for his courage in
    Russian-Persian war
  • 1821
    Order of the "Golden Sword" for bravery
    In 1821 was awarded the "Golden Sword" for courage